What is hybrid flooring?

Hybrid flooring  is the latest trend in contemporary flooring, superseding more traditional flooring types like vinyl and linoleum to offer better quality and durability at an attractive price point.

What is hybrid flooring?

Hybrid flooring is a modern type of flooring that combines two traditional flooring types in one: vinyl and laminate. It is seen as a step-up from both vinyl and laminate because it combines the best features of each, including quality aesthetics and underfoot comfort.

Visually, hybrid flooring does a great job of mimicking the style of real hardwood flooring without incurring the same costs. Hybrid flooring is a popular choice across Australia because as well as looking the part, it’s also waterproof, durable, heat resistant, and rigid underfoot, making it ideal for many settings, both commercial and residential.

Essentially, hybrid flooring consists of four layers, one on top of each other. The layers of hybrid flooring are:

  • A transparent surface layer, which is hard-wearing for long-lasting durability.
  • A decorative layer in a style of your choice, often mimicking the aesthetics of hardwood.
  • A waterproof core layer, which protects your flooring from damage caused by spills and leaks.
  • A pre-adhered backing layer, which acts as the foundation of your hybrid flooring.

Why is hybrid flooring so popular?

Hybrid flooring is taking off in popularity essentially because it is making older kinds of flooring – like laminate – obsolete. Why choose laminate flooring, which isn’t waterproof and can sometimes look ‘fake’, when you can go hybrid? And why opt for vinyl flooring, which lacks the durability of laminate, when you could choose hybrid instead?

Vinyl and laminate flooring still have their place, either in commercial and business environments or among homeowners who want to match the style of their existing flooring with more of the same. But hybrid flooring is a truly revolutionary innovation, combing all the best attributes of two of Australia’s most popular flooring types into one cost-effective package.

How is hybrid flooring installed?

Just like laminate flooring, hybrid flooring uses a click and lock system. This means it’s easy and fast to install, keeping costs low for customers and ensuring that hybrid flooring can be properly installed by most experienced flooring professionals. The click and lock system also offers security and durability, ensuring that hybrid flooring is fitted tightly together during installation.

Is hybrid flooring right for you?

Because it combines the strengths of both vinyl and laminate flooring, the result is flooring that is versatile and suitable in many homes and businesses. Not only does hybrid flooring look fantastic, but it also achieves a high degree of durability and performs well under a range of conditions. While hybrid flooring might not be the best choice for extreme environments like laboratories and industrial warehouses, in most settings it is a great choice of flooring.

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