Flooring for Rental Properties: What’s Best?

As a landlord, the floor you choose for your rental property is a big decision. At Totally Flooring, we have installed flooring in all kinds of rental properties around the Gold Coast, so we take a look at which type could work best for you.

What to look for in flooring for rental properties

If you own a rental property, you’ll be aware that you can’t always bank on your tenants taking great care over the floor, so you need an easy to maintain type of flooring. It’s also important to choose a type of floor that’s durable and doesn’t cost too much if it needs replacing. However, you’ll need a floor that looks great to appeal to potential tenants and is comfortable while they live there. You’ll need a low maintenance flooring which isn’t easily marked and appeals to a variety of tastes so avoid light or bright colours and patterns.

What types of flooring are there?

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring is a sensible choice for landlords as it’s easy to clean, ideal for kitchens or bathrooms and a good low maintenance option for tenants. It has become far more popular recently as the styles and types of vinyl flooring available have increased, including vinyl floor tiles which are easy to replace if damaged. It is worth remembering that vinyl flooring can be damaged by furniture dragging or frequent use and it can be costly to replace a whole vinyl floor if one section is damaged, especially in an open-plan space. It’s also essential that you get an experienced professional to fit your vinyl floor as poor quality installation could put renters off. A vinyl floor is also resistant to water damage, UV light damage and it’s a hardwearing choice for busy areas.


Carpet is great for muffling sound, so if you own an apartment with neighbours above and below it might be worth considering rather than a hardwood floor. It’s a comfortable choice for bedrooms or living rooms but it can also be hard to keep clean with the possibility of stains. At Totally Carpets, we have a huge choice of carpets, from luxurious wool carpets for high-end penthouses to affordable neutral carpets in dark colours to hide mess! There are a few downsides to carpets in rental properties though, it’s never a good choice for kitchens or bathrooms and it can harbour allergens or dust which could put some potential renters off the property.

Wooden Floors

A hardwood floor is a stunning choice for properties, and it’s a hardwearing and durable choice. If you’re aiming for affluent tenants who are happy to pay a premium, a wooden floor can be a big advantage and it’s great for keeping homes on the Gold Coast cool. A wooden floor will be costly to replace and it probably isn’t ideal for a busy family home with young children. Though visually impressive, a hardwood floor can be a big investment, so many landlords opt for laminate flooring or wood effect vinyl as a more affordable option.

Chat to the Experts

Now you know what choices are out there our knowledgeable team will be happy to discuss our flooring options with you. If you need flooring for a rental property on the Gold Coast, call Totally Flooring today for a free quote!