Hybrid Flooring in Gold Coast

The Best of Both Worlds

Hybrid Flooring is a next generation technology. At Totally Flooring Gold Coast, we supply and install Rigid Plank Hybrid Flooring.

Rigid Plank is ideal for our modern indoor/outdoor lifestyles. It is 100% waterproof and, despite Australia’s harsh climate, extremely stable.

What makes this Hybrid Flooring so durable and resistant to fluctuation from expansion and contraction is its proprietary Quantum Core Limestone structure. It is even compatible with under-floor heating. It’s also VOC-free.

Being 100% waterproof, means Rigid Planks have a mopable surface—dry or wet maintenance is totally up to you.

The beauty of natural timber is recreated in Rigid Planks by deep embossing, which also provides them with a safe, anti-slip surface.

Underfoot, Rigid Plank feels comfortable thanks to a pre-adhered underlay which also provides excellent acoustic absorption—achieving 42 L’nTw test results and beating the BCA (Building Code of Australia) minimum standards by 30%!


The unique Quantum Core Limestone/PVC Composite core allows Rigid Plank to be take advantage of Click System installation.

It’s easy, glueless and very strong.

You can lay Rigid Planks directly over yellow tongue or chipboard. There is no need for acclimatisation.

They are 100% water-proof. Sun-proof. They’re suitable for kitchens and laundries and in any climate. Matching slip-resistant stair nosings are available.


You’ll be impressed by the high-definition design of Rigid Planks. The deep-embossed timber look is remarkably true, and you can choose from 12 natural colours.

And naturally, your Rigid Planks will be colourfast. They will not fade in the sun and will be second to none for flooring in the sun-drenched areas of your home.


Frequently Asked Questions

Hybrid flooring is made from a mix of vinyl and laminate – produced in rigid planks that can be easily connected and installed for your convenience.

This depends what you are comparing it to. Hybrid flooring is more costly than standard vinyl or laminate flooring, but often cheaper than timber or tiles. Talk to our team in Bundall for more information!

The biggest benefit of hybrid flooring is its durability. This product is scratch, water and stain resistant, making it the perfect flooring solution for kitchens.