Best Flooring For The Kitchen

A kitchen is the heart of any home – it’s where family and friends gather to prepare food and sometimes to dine and socialise. It’s not surprising that kitchens are considered to be heavy use areas.

They are subject to a lot of foot traffic as groceries are unpacked, meals and drinks prepared, and both food and garbage are chucked away. Kitchens require frequent cleaning to ensure they remain pleasant and to keep them hygienic.

Choosing a floor covering for your kitchen is an important decision – it needs to stand the test of time, be easy to clean and cope well in wet conditions. Fortunately, Totally Flooring Gold Coast has a range of options to suit any home and decor scheme.


Vinyl flooring options include sheet vinyl, vinyl planks, and commercial vinyl. Vinyl is the easiest of all floor coverings to clean – it can be swept or vacuumed, wiped with a damp cloth, or mopped.

Sheet vinyl comes in a 4-metre width and has a cushioned back for added comfort.

Vinyl planks are an economical, long-term flooring solution. Glued to the floor, they are durable, fully waterproof and are available in wood-look finishes.

Commercial vinyl is designed for extremely heavy-duty use, including kitchens and areas where the danger of slipping is of particular concern.


For a hard-working flooring option in the kitchen, tiles are an excellent choice. Tiles come in a vast array of sizes, colours and styles, so you’ll be sure to find a floor tile to suit your home decor and budget.

Porcelain tiles are a high-end product and extremely strong. Porcelain tiles have a rectified edge which means they can be laid close together with only a thin line of grout for easier cleaning. Lappatto and honed tiles require a sealant if used in wet areas such as the kitchen, which can be subject to spills.

Vitrified tiles – porcelain with no glaze – will enhance your kitchen with their natural colours.

Glazed ceramic tiles with a matt finish are an excellent choice for the kitchen as the finish is non-porous and they are less slippery than gloss ceramic tiles.


If you’d love a timber look in your kitchen that’s fully waterproof and easy to clean, hybrid flooring is the perfect solution.

Rigid plank flooring is made using a combination of laminate and vinyl. It has a built-in underlay which makes it comfortable underfoot and reduces sound.

Hybrid flooring is click-lock and can be easily installed over your sub-floor.

The embossed timber look finish of hybrid flooring means it is slip-resistant for added safety in the kitchen area.

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