What Makes Timber Flooring So Popular?

Our team at Totally Flooring are in love with timber flooring. There is just something so warm and homely about timber flooring on the Gold Coast that we cannot help but love it.

Here are a few reasons why timber flooring is so popular.

All Year round Functionality

During winter months, timber flooring keeps the house warm which is cost-effective and comforting. In Summer, timber floors are great for easy maintenance when coming back from the beach. Sand is easily vacuumed up, keeping your home pristine.

Timber Flooring Feeling

Maybe you are running across the floors in your bare feet, or in your socks, or maybe in your sneakers. No matter what you are running around in, timber floors glide to your movement.

You can also alter the way your wood flooring looks, such as by varnishing it, or polishing it, or painting it if you wish. You can carpet over it, or carpet over portions of it and leave the wood exposed in other parts. The versatility is endless.

Flexible pricing

Wooden floors vary in cost. There are some high-end wood floors, but you can also find some very reasonably priced wood flooring if you shop around and buy from a top-quality merchant.

We love wood flooring and consider it to be one of the best flooring materials for most types of housing. If you would like to know how much wood flooring will cost in your house, then get in touch with us here at Totally Flooring Gold Coast.

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