Timber Flooring Gold Coast

Add Timeless Style & Value

Want to improve the look of your home with high-quality wooden flooring? Choosing timber flooring for your Gold Coast property can add warmth and appeal to your home and can give otherwise boring rooms a distinct character that makes them much more appealing. Timber flooring also provides a timeless finish and comes in a range of options to suit every household.

Popular for keeping temperatures down in summer, warm in winter, and easily cleaned, timber flooring helps keep your home clean and comfortable.

Totally Flooring provides the highest quality timber flooring products that you can trust will last years to come.

If you are keen on the idea of wooden floors but don’t know where to start, Totally Flooring Gold Coast can show you how to find the perfect match for your needs.


Laminate flooring is an affordable alternative to achieve the look of a timber floor.

It is made from a high density MDF with a digital print to look and feel real. Also very easy to install and reasonably durable.

However not recommended for wet areas, our staff will recommend where it is suitable for and also the control methods needed for expansion. You can also look into the benefits of hybrid flooring, which incorporates some of the best parts of laminate flooring.

Bamboo Flooring

A natural green solution to having a timber floor.

14mm Bamboo flooring has the highest density / hardness on the Janka Rating chart and has a lifetime warranty. It is one of the most preferred floorings in the market, due to its low costs, low emissions and easy installation this makes for one of the most suitable floors.

Be careful not to get anything but strand woven bamboo and nothing less than 14mm thick the reasons for this is durability and sustainability.

Engineered Oak

Oak Flooring is a fine oak made with a scratch resistant finish and a lifetime structural warranty.

Available in 15mm & 21mm Thicknesses, benefit to a European (French) Oak is that you can get very wide and long boards which create a more open feel and larger space.

The designs are incredible and will not date; pricing on this product range is fantastic for what you receive and has become the most preferred timber flooring

Engineered Timber

Is a natural product and with it’s beautiful look to last a lifetime and not get tired. It is a Veneer Hardwood Top usually comes in a 4mm top however can come in 1mm or for commercial jobs can be custom made to suit the lifetime needed and has a plywood core.

It comes with a lifetime warranty and if needed can be sanded back and re-polished.

Hardwood or laminated?

When you think of wooden flooring for your home, you are often not thinking about real wooden boards. Instead, you are probably imagining engineered or laminate flooring.

Hardwood is made from a whole piece of wood straight down from the tree, while engineered wood is made from a number of thin wooden layers, bonded together to create the board.

Choosing the right finish

Along with the type of wood flooring that you choose, you will also have to look at the finish on the boards.

Wooden floors are improved with finishes, but you could choose to leave it bare if you don’t want the effort of finishing. Oiled finishes tend to provide matt tones to your wood, while lacquered finishes have a sheen to them which makes them easier to maintain.

Frequently Asked Questions

Timber flooring offers a wide range of benefits including style, durability, increased resale value and low maintenance. Installing timber flooring is an investment in the future of your property!

Floating timber flooring refers to floors that have not been nailed or glued to the subfloor, but instead laid on an underlay that provides noise insulation.

Yes, generally speaking, timber is more expensive than tiles. However, timber will tend to last longer and stay in style in a way that tiles simply can’t.