Sheet Vinyl

Is a luxurious option compared to vinyl planks as it has a cushion back.

It solves many issues when preparation is needed to the subfloor, as it can take up imperfections to 3mm of difference.

It is water resistant and can be loose laid or glued. Vinyl sheet comes usually 4m wide in residential products.

Vinyl Planks

Now the leading flooring sold and for very good reasons.

Vinyl planks are cost effective and a lot cheaper than any timber flooring option on the market. They are not cold like tiles and do not have grout lines that let’s be honest only get dirty.

The technology that has developed the new designs of vinyl planks has created what we call 4th Generation; this means that the print you see is also the texture you feel. The micro bevel edge creates a real timber look when critical light reflects, new colours constantly coming out (hundreds to choose from).

Vinyl is a solid product that is glued to the subfloor, waterproof and comes with a lifetime warranty

Commercial Vinyl

Is suited for areas such as wet areas, Kitchens or even hospitals. These vinyls are a specialised range that needs to meet certain slip ratings and wear layers for the safety of others.

Installation is different to any other vinyl flooring it requires trained and specialised installers.

We here at Totally Flooring Gold Coast have the experience that you require to do any job.

Rubber Flooring

Rubber flooring can be used in numerous ways. Such as acoustic rubber underlay for tiles or timber flooring to meet acoustic sound reports for body corporate or for your own personal reasons.

Rubber absorbs sound and stops sound from passing through which is a massive bonus to any flooring when used as an underlay.

If you are using Rubber Flooring such as for a gym, conference room, walk areas or even maybe an entrance way always listen to the experts in the trade as there are many decisions to make. One of these is it should always be installed by qualified installer and another really important tip is always make sure you have your rubber flooring sealed, this ensures you that the product will be easy maintenance and last you a lifetime.

Rubber comes in all different thickness, colours, shape and length to sit the requirements you need.

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